Becoming an entrepreneur: Founder of LB Internet Consultancy

Starting my own business - LB Internet Consultancy

Becoming an entrepreneur: Founder of LB Internet Consultancy

I have always seen myself as a business person even when I was in Africa, I was doing petting trading where I was hawking ice water and selling in the street. Coming to the UK, my educational background and work experiences has enabled me the skills and determination to continue my quest to become a business owner and a successful person.
After completed my business degree at university, I have been working in the security industry for the past few years till date as I am not able to gain employment into the career path that I wanted. At the same time work extra hours in other fields in order to survive, look after myself, pay my bills as well as been able to take care of my mum in Africa. It has not been easy during this period as there have been so many challenges and bad experiences in work situations but given the fact that I am very hard working, ambitious and focus I have been able to set up my business.

Setting up my business have been very difficult due to personal reasons, work and finance but my passion is to have my own business. I had so many business ideas but none of them seem strong enough to do. I started as a blogger and affiliate marketer. During this time I made so many mistakes but with extensive research and went through the learning process I was able to focus my idea to start an business online. However, before the idea was developed I went on a three day training with Simon Coulson where I studied the 3 Day Diploma In Internet Marketing course. After the course I then conducted another online research, narrow down my ideas and then decided to give my business a name which is call LB Internet Consultancy.

I now have a business idea and a business name, so I paid and register the domain name but there are more bigger problems such as finance, sponsoring the business, looking after myself and at the same time working full time. Another factor is been able to create time to run the business so I continue working till date I am still working however I have decided to stop working on my day job and invest my time on the business.

I also went to the Prince’s Trust charity organisation to assist me in setting up my business and provide me with mentor-ship support but due to my age I was not able continue with the process. The Prince’s Trusts only assist individuals wanting to go into entrepreneurship below 31 years of age and I turned 31 in July 2017 so I had to use my motivation and ability to research for information online to setup the whole process with minimal support from organisations or business individuals.

Even though I had the business idea, business name, domain registration and what is required to run the business, I was not able to set up the business on time. One of the major setbacks of the business is finance, I had my rent arrears and bills to take care of, I couldn’t take a business loan as my personal credit history is poor and I really wanted to be a business person. So I continue working in difficult situations whereby at times I don’t want to go to work and the money that I am earning from work is not enough for me to stop work at once. I struggled to raise money to fund my business so I keep sponsoring the business on a little by little process. For example if I want to pay for the business office address and promotional materials I had to work extra hours to raise some money. I have been doing so till the final stage of the business setup.

The business is now at its final stage and I am looking forward to the next level to become the next famous and successful person in the business world. For updates on my journey and business path, follow me on my social media pages by typing Sally Kamara or on this blog where I will be updating people on my progress.


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