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Simon Coulson 3 day Diploma Internet Marketing Course London

Accredited Diploma In Internet Marketing

Simon Coulson 3 day Diploma Internet Marketing Course London

I am going to give my honest opinion and experiences about Simon Coulson 3 day diploma internet marketing course. When I started on internet marketing years back, I had little experiences on the topic. I have spent a lot of money, made so many mistakes and still making mistakes but not so much now as I have gained a lot of knowledge from self learning online, attending several training and workshops. I always follow successful internet marketers and speakers that are doing well in the topic and Simon Coulson is one of them. To me he is not the best speaker/trainer however his content and packaging materials are good.

About Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson is one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers.

If you’re already in or been around the Internet marketing business you may have heard of Simon or might even have been to one of his previous events. Simon has generated over £20M from internet businesses in the UK.

After mentoring some friends to start their own successful internet businesses, the first of which has now generated £5 million itself, Simon decided to roll out a coaching program to a wider audience and launched the Internet Business School in 2007.

This organisation has trained over 1,000′s of entrepreneurs and created many successful online businesses. The Internet Business School has been accredited by NCFE as a diploma awarding body in Internet Marketing and has also been accredited by CPD. Simon is also an established public speaker on Digital Marketing. He has spoken worldwide to audiences of up to 7,000 and shared the stage with world-renowned experts including Former USA President Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, James Caan, Caprice, Mike Harris, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Bill Glazer, Bob Proctor.

My 3 day experiences

I have attended the course twice now, the first time was in 2015 and at the time I had little experience on internet and affiliate marketing, website building or digital marketing. However attending his course made some differences and improved on my knowledge on digital and internet marketing. After attending his course the first time, I used the idea to starts my own business and I started LB Internet Consultancy. The second time was in 2018, I attended the second time because I wanted to brush up on my digital marketing skills and to apply the knowledge to my company (LB Internet Consultancy). One thing I would say if you have no knowledge of internet and digital marketing or no prior experience of the industry the information they will teach you during the 3 days will become overwhelmed because too much information to take in during weekend.

Each time I did the course I would struggled in terms of making my way to the venue on time as I was always late. The training is run in a hotel at Heathrow and I live in Hackney, East London. It was very far to get to the hotel on time due to lack of finance and personal reasons. If I had enough money I would have stayed at the hotel, somewhere close or traveled by car instead I had to take several buses and later continued with the train almost close to the hotel and that usually takes me 3 hours to arrived at the hotel for the training.

When I finished in the evening, I have to make my way back to my house each day, I will not get home till around 12 midnight and I have to wake up around 5 am in the morning to make my way back to the hotel the next day till the 3 days of the training. It was exhausting and tiring for me to be making such journey however I was happy I completed the training even though most of the time I will be sleeping in class. Due to lack of finance, I was taking my own food to the training as the food in the hotel/area are very expensive so taking my own food was easy and cheaper for me.

I also liked the classroom settings, I learnt better that way and it was an opportunity to meet other people and network with them.

Salamatu Kamara blogger and founder at lb internet consultancy


Most of them are good in their presentation, some of them know their topic very well and the pace is good for someone with some knowledge of the topic however if you don’t have any experience they were going too fast. Information overload and too much to take in over the 3 days so I would advice before going for the course you do some research first. I mostly enjoyed the WordPress training because of my in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Cost of the course

I think the cost of the course is reasonable based on the fact that you will be learning a lot during the 3 days. So much materials to share after which is one of the best things I like as it gives you a start of something to apply to whatever career path you decide in developing further. I also like the fact that they offer you payment plans, you don’t have to pay the money in one go and there are so many options to make payment. You also get discounts if you attend one of their taster and introduction sessions which encouraged you to register for their 3 day diploma course and you can also take the course online if you are not able to make the classroom settings.

About the course

During this 3-day accredited course, they will teach you how to take a business idea from concept to creation and get it online. How to create a website that Google and other search engines will love, how to get mountains of website traffic and how to convert that traffic into buyers of your goods or services.

The course will teach you 100s of strategies for growing your business fast. The Internet Business School has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to market their businesses more effectively and our students have literally created £millions online over the last 5 years.

3 Day Course Programme

Day # 1

Online Business Models
– Selling physical products
– Selling digital products
– Affiliate marketing
– Lead generation / CPA
– Online services

Market Research
– Identifying online trends
– Measuring market size
– Measuring competition
– Market analysis methodology

Digital Product Creation
– eBooks
– CD

Domain Names & Hosting
– Registering a domain name
– Website hosting

Creating Websites
– Installing WordPress
– WordPress themes
– WordPress plugins
– WordPress widgets
– Other website platforms

Website Analytics
– Testing & Tracking
– Identifying traffic sources
– Market ‘split’ testing
– Opt-in rates
– Conversion rates

Day # 2

Selling Online
– Online selling principles
– How to create sales pages
– Sales objections
– Implementing upsells and down sells
– Shopping carts
– Payment gateways
– Coupon codes

Customer Contact Strategies
– Opt-ins and autoresponders
– Squeeze pages
– Email systems
– Social media
– Mobile marketing

Search Engine Optimisation
– Search engine optimisation
– Strategies
– Factors affecting SEO on Google
– Understand Page Optimisation
– Creating an SEO friendly website
– Understand off page optimisation
– Building links
– Negative factors affecting SEO
– SEO measuring tools

Mobile Marketing
– Mobile apps
– Text message marketing
– Mobile friendly websites
– Mobile advertising

Video Marketing
– Introduction to video marketing
– Video marketing strategies
– Video sales letters
– How to optimise video for SEO
– How to rank video on YouTube
– Video streaming
– How to syndicate video
– How to create a video

Day # 3 

Pay Per Click Advertising
– Building keywords
– Advert targeting
– Writing adverts
– Advert variations
– Advert tracking
– Google Adwords
– Search and content networks
– Facebook advertising
– YouTube advertising
– LinkedIn advertising

Google Places
– Get listed In Google’s business directory
– Get your listing to the top of Google’s directory
– Purchasing Ad Space
– Understanding ad space buying
– Where to purchase ad space
– How to use ad space effectively

– Understanding outsourcing
– Where to find outsourcers from $1 an hour
– What to outsource
– How to outsource
– How to make sure your jobs are done well

Social Media For Business
– Understand uses of social media
– Social bookmarking
– Understanding Facebook
– Fan page tips
– Understanding how Facebook ranks posts
– How to create a Facebook fan page
– Setting up a Facebook store
– How to leverage viral Facebook campaigns
– Facebook competitions

Understanding Google+
– Google+ for business
– Google Hangouts

Understanding Twitter
– Twitter For Traffic, SEO and links
– Building followers on Twitter
– How to encourage Tweets and links

Understanding LinkedIn
– How to leverage LinkedIn
– Action planning
– How to construct an online marketing programme


To be honest I will advice anyone that want to do the course to go for it however I would say do a lot of research before attending the course because you are going to come across something that is called information overload. One thing you need to watch out for is, it’s going to be a lot of up-sells (trying to offer you further products to buy or pay for), there mentorship plan is very expensive compare to other training that I have attended that offer similar settings. They will offer you their booklet that you can use to revise on after the course and online membership platforms which I think its good place to make a start. Beer in mind that you are not going to become rich, make progress or success straight away after you attended the training however you will have the knowledge to apply whenever you need it. Also everyone learn and stores information differently, personal and financial reasons will become another obstacle for some so depends on individual personal circumstances will determined their success fast.

After I attended the training I still haven’t made much progress till day but I have the knowledge and I have also been applying it on some of the things I do online. They will offer you the option to making money with affiliate marketing using their online platforms and its a great way to start for someone with little budget, the only thing is that method is not for everyone.

How to register for the course?

You can register for the 3 day internet marketing course by clicking Simon Coulson 3 day diploma internet marketing course

Becoming an entrepreneur: Founder of LB Internet Consultancy

Starting my own business - LB Internet Consultancy

Becoming an entrepreneur: Founder of LB Internet Consultancy

I have always seen myself as a business person even when I was in Africa, I was doing petting trading where I was hawking ice water and selling in the street. Coming to the UK, my educational background and work experiences has enabled me the skills and determination to continue my quest to become a business owner and a successful person.
After completed my business degree at university, I have been working in the security industry for the past few years till date as I am not able to gain employment into the career path that I wanted. At the same time work extra hours in other fields in order to survive, look after myself, pay my bills as well as been able to take care of my mum in Africa. It has not been easy during this period as there have been so many challenges and bad experiences in work situations but given the fact that I am very hard working, ambitious and focus I have been able to set up my business.

Setting up my business have been very difficult due to personal reasons, work and finance but my passion is to have my own business. I had so many business ideas but none of them seem strong enough to do. I started as a blogger and affiliate marketer. During this time I made so many mistakes but with extensive research and went through the learning process I was able to focus my idea to start an business online. However, before the idea was developed I went on a three day training with Simon Coulson where I studied the 3 Day Diploma In Internet Marketing course. After the course I then conducted another online research, narrow down my ideas and then decided to give my business a name which is call LB Internet Consultancy.

I now have a business idea and a business name, so I paid and register the domain name but there are more bigger problems such as finance, sponsoring the business, looking after myself and at the same time working full time. Another factor is been able to create time to run the business so I continue working till date I am still working however I have decided to stop working on my day job and invest my time on the business.

I also went to the Prince’s Trust charity organisation to assist me in setting up my business and provide me with mentor-ship support but due to my age I was not able continue with the process. The Prince’s Trusts only assist individuals wanting to go into entrepreneurship below 31 years of age and I turned 31 in July 2017 so I had to use my motivation and ability to research for information online to setup the whole process with minimal support from organisations or business individuals.

Even though I had the business idea, business name, domain registration and what is required to run the business, I was not able to set up the business on time. One of the major setbacks of the business is finance, I had my rent arrears and bills to take care of, I couldn’t take a business loan as my personal credit history is poor and I really wanted to be a business person. So I continue working in difficult situations whereby at times I don’t want to go to work and the money that I am earning from work is not enough for me to stop work at once. I struggled to raise money to fund my business so I keep sponsoring the business on a little by little process. For example if I want to pay for the business office address and promotional materials I had to work extra hours to raise some money. I have been doing so till the final stage of the business setup.

The business is now at its final stage and I am looking forward to the next level to become the next famous and successful person in the business world. For updates on my journey and business path, follow me on my social media pages by typing Sally Kamara or on this blog where I will be updating people on my progress.

Reviews on Richard McMunn book: how to write and publish a best selling book

Reviews on Richard McMunn book: how to write and publish a best selling book

Reviews on Richard McMunn book: How to write and publish a best selling book?

I am going to review “How to write and publish a best selling book by Richard McMunn”, I must say this is a very good book for anyone wanting to write their own book. The book is brilliant especially for beginners and self-publish author. The book have everything you need to know as an upcoming author and the steps you need to take to promote your book both online and offline. I enjoyed reading this book and it took me less than two weeks to complete reading the whole book (280 pages).

Some of the reason I enjoyed reading the book is the fact that every thing is breakdown in it simplest form with in-depth information and resources you can use to help you structure your ideas, research, book title, how to promote your book and more. I register for another book writing program with another established author however having read Richard’s book I wish I had gone for his mentor programme first because the structures and formats he uses is exactly what I needed as an upcoming author.

There are so many good points I could list after reading this book and I loved reading every single chapters, writing style and his explanations on how he became a best selling author and someone of authority. I would recommend people to obtain and read the book and use the information to the best of their ability.

Great book and think I am now fairly confident to write my own book using the information that I read on the book plus I would like to enrol for his mentor programme in the near future.

About Richard McMunn

Richard McMunn is an award-winning, multiple best-selling author of over 150 books. In addition to writing fantastic non-fiction books he is coach and mentor to scores of aspiring authors. Richard McMunn is a best-selling author and book coach who has a desire to teach people everything he knows about the book publishing process. Richard left school at the age of 16 with just 3 GCSEs and embarked on a short career in the Royal Navy on-board HMS Invincible. After serving 4 years, Richard decided to join Kent Fire and Rescue Service as a firefighter. He stayed in this job for 17 years. In 2005 he established the career information website www.How2Become.com and then started writing physical books in 2010. Since then, he has authored and self-published in excess of 150 books. Although Richard is still involved in the day-to-day running of his publishing business, he also finds the time to help aspiring authors to write their own books and get them on sale through Amazon and Waterstones.

Richard’s One to One Mentoring VIP Author Programme

  • Richard will coach you to write your first book – includes coaching on the book subject, market research, book title, book sections, the creation of a bespoke book writing action plan.
  • Feedback on your writing style and chapter creation.
  • An initial 2-hour consultation with Richard McMunn at his offices in Kings Hill, Kent or alternatively via Skype, whichever is easier for you, after which you will receive your bespoke action plan.
  • Richard will create the stunning artwork for your book.
  • You will get your book typeset by Richard’s professional typesetting team, and have your book formatted for Kindle.
  • Richard’s team will set you up as a publisher on Amazon so that you can sell your book in both print format and Kindle.
  • Richard will print your book for you.
  • You will receive 12 months’ full email support, from Richard and his team of experts!
  • You will receive 100 copies of your printed book as soon as the book is published.

For more information and how to register for RICHARD MCMUNN VIP MENTORING PROGRAMME click on this link.

Chapters in the book

  • Chapter 1 – The Early Years
  • Chapter 2 – Joining the Navy
  • Chapter 3 – Becoming a Firefighter
  • Chapter 4 – Joining a Band
  • Chapter 5 – Creating How2Become
  • Chapter 6 –  Becoming a Businessman
  • Chapter 7 – Becoming an Award-Winner
  • Chapter 8 – Broadening my Horizons
  • Chapter 9 – Deciding to become a Published Author
  • Chapter 10 – No Previous Experience Required
  • Chapter 11 – My Top 10 Tips For Writing and Publishing Success
  • Chapter 12 – Researching Ideas For Book Subjects
  • Chapter 13 – Creating An Action Plan and Writing Your Book
  • Chapter 14 – Book Cover Designs, Book Titles and Straplines
  • Chapter 15 – Selling Your Books On Amazon
  • Chapter 16 – Kindle and Ebooks
  • Chapter 17 – Becoming A Bestselling Author – The Blueprint
  • Chapter 18 – Getting Your Book Stocked in Waterstones
  • Chapter 19 – How to Protect Your Intellectual Property and Book Disclaimers
  • Chapter 20 – Using Outsourcers
  • Chapter 21 – How to Market and Promote Your Book
  • Chapter 22 – Useful Links and Resources

To get the book fill out the form below:

How to write and publish a book seminar by Richard McMunn

How to write and publish a book organised by Richard McMunn

How to write and publish a book seminar by Richard McMunn

Writing a book is something I always wanted to do due to personal reasons and my domestic violent relationship. I want to document my story because I think I have a lot to tell for people to learn from knowing that whatever situation you are going through as long as you are focus and determined you can achieve success.

In order for me to be able to write my story and become a good author, I need to improve on my book writing skills and learn the formats required to publish a best-selling book. In doing so, I have enrolled on various book writing and publishing course/training in order to fast track the process.

I am currently reading the hard copy of “How to write and publish a best-selling book by Richard McMunn” and I have also register to attend his workshop on Sunday 7th January 2018 which will give me a better understanding on how to write my new book (How to build a WordPress website). After the course, I aim to continue writing my book and perhaps register for his mentor program and develop from there.

About Richard

Richard McMunn is a former Fire Officer with Kent Fire and Rescue Service. He started writing his first book from his cellar and has since gone on to sell thousands of books worldwide. In addition to becoming a serial best-seller on Amazon, he has won the HSBC Start-Up Starts Awards for the South East region and has also been short-listed for two years running in the Independent Publishers Guild Awards.

Here is the information for the workshop

  • How to choose a genre for your book that will practically guarantee sales
  • How to give yourself the best possible chance of writing a best-seller, making you heaps of money and giving you celebrity status amongst your friends and family!
  • How to choose a powerful, captivating title that will hook in readers and make them desperate to know more
  • How to get your book ready for publishing, including critical elements such as proof-reading, editing, typesetting, e-Book formatting, book cover design, book descriptions, and more
  • How to create high-quality, professional artwork for your book, both digital and physical, ensuring that it stands out from the crowd
  • How to outsource the actual writing of the book (yep, if you don’t actually want to write the book yourself, you don’t have to!)
  • How to self-publish your book and start selling it on Amazon, and even Waterstones!
  • How to effectively market your book to increase exposure worldwide, drive sales and generate huge profits
  • And much, much more…

Workshop Date and Time


More dates are published on his website to attend the one day workshop. You can visit this link to attend Richard McMunn’s Book Publishing Courses

Course Location

Novotel London Heathrow, Cherry Lane, Heathrow UB7 9HJ

Victim of Domestic Violence – My experience

My domestic violence experience

Victim of Domestic Violence – My experience

Women’s Aid defines domestic abuse as an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour, including sexual violence, in the majority of cases by a partner or ex-partner, but also by a family member or carer. It is very common. In the vast majority of cases it is experienced by women and is perpetrated by men.

My own case of domestic violence was by a male partner, whom was much older than me at the time, I was in-experienced in relationships and very young then when it happened. I am no longer with this person but it is an experience that I will never forget till the end of my life.

I think I was around 21 years of age at the time, lack of confidence, I wanted someone to love me truly and be there for me as a partner. Then a man came along, he was 10 years older than me stated he wanted to be with me in a relationship and that he will be my life partner not knowing he is the most dishonest, wicked, heartless human being, sneaky and uncivilised person that I have ever met in my life. He took advantage of my kindness, noticed I was inexperienced, lack confidence and that he can get what he wanted from me by the type of person I was at the time.

So the story started like this, one day I received a call by unknown person and a strange number which I picked and answered the person, noticed it was a man on the call. When I picked the call, I asked who it was and he introduced himself, I asked him how he got my number and what does he wants from me. His replied was he got my number from someone who knows me and how he wanted a relationship with me. I was not convinced by his response but somehow he managed to persuade me to meet up with him for formal introduction which I naively agreed to.

After a week we met at a restaurant in Hackney and later I started a relationship with him, with my experiences now I would never had encouraged him because he is not the type of person I date. To be honest I don’t think I ever loves him, its more like I felt sorry for him and his story plus the promises he made and how he will treat me good and assist me financially in the household expenses. He moved very quickly in my flat and agreed to take up some of the responsibilities especially paying the rent but he never stuck to it.

We then continue with the relationship, during that time he doesn’t have his immigration status in the country, so he asked me to assist him with his papers at the home office on the basis of our relationship and as my partner. I was also going to uni at the time studying for my business degree when I was with him. I then agreed to help him, thinking if I did that he will be able to gain employment in the country and then assist me in bills and other personal expenses but not knowing I was doing it for his own good.

At the beginning stage of the relationship he was nice and humble even though I never love him but I was hopping with time I will love him. I was also helping him financially and otherwise during the relationship plus sponsoring his application at the home office with my student finance money. I then did a registry wedding without any of my family member knowing or present at the ceremony, though they found out later, it was not a pleasant experience for my dad to learned about it. The only people who were present at the registry are his own friends and families.

After then we send his application to the home office and then there it all started, his behaviour and attitude towards me completed changed. I always knew and said he changed from being humble to mean since his application was sent to the home office but people and one couple in particular never believed me and said it is me that don’t listen because I am in Europe.

I was crying out for help to this couple and for them to believe me and talk to him so he can behave in a good way but no I was not getting anywhere. At this point I can’t go to any of my family member to complain or cry out because I have disrespected them for him, an uncle of mine stated if he marries me he will eat his shit, the word got to me so I was doing everything to keep the relationship and hopping one day things will get better and prove people wrong that have said negative things about him and the relationship.

However things continued getting worse until he started beating me physically. The beating, the beating, the beating are out of this world, but God wanted me to stay alive so I can tell my story and progress.

Each time he will beat me and the police got involved, sometimes he will be arrested and taking to cell but I will never press-charged so he will then come home laughing and saying relationships in England within the African communities is all about police where women called police on their men. At times I don’t call police but noticed that my neighbours will call them. The things he will beat me for are not necessary, he gets angry when I questioned him about his behaviour in the house and that the way he is treating me is not fair.

Things he used to do in the house even though I know they were wrong and he then knows I had no one to complain to expect this same couple, the reason this couple listened him and accepts his side is because is the same way the husband treats his wife expect he doesn’t beat her. They think the same way as an African, however this couple are older than me plus they have been in their relationship for very long time with kids and I am very young so I am not used to most of the African mentality and behaviours so I was struggling with the relationship with my partner.

  • When his application came through from the home office, he started working and he was not contributing any money in the house. He will live the house to go work and when I asked him if he has gotten paid he will denied that he has not been paid.
  • Sometimes he will give me money to cook in the house perhaps I am tired because of uni and I did not cook when he give me money he will moan and complained so much that it will lead to arguments and then the beating will start.
  • He will not go out with me either to cinema, parties, restaurants, public places or do fun activities with me, when I questioned him why he will not go out with me he will say it’s not necessary, waste of money and all this things are in the house so why go out.
  • He will not spend time with me in the house or keep my company, the only time he wants to do that his when he wants to have sex and when I noticed such behaviour so I stopped having sex with him even though we are sleeping in the same bed.
  • He became very sneaky in the house where sometimes after work he will enter the property without me knowing he will be standing in the corridor listening to my conversations on the phone with people. A friend of mime sense that base on what I told her about the relationship so she will alter me to go and look at the corridor and each time I checked I will see him standing there listening to my conversation.
  • There were times when I am busy at uni and not able to come home on time, he will be using the house phone to make calls both in America and Sierra Leone and as soon as he hears the key on the door he will then end the call and pretend he was not on the phone till the bill comes. One time he accumulated a bill of over £300, luckily it was his name that was on the account so I did not pay the bill.
  • He will lie about every situation, things don’t make sense or add up so I never believed him and to a point that I wanted to get out of the relationship as I was tired of his lies.

So he continues to treats me bad, lying and being disrespectful towards me all the time until one day the beating that almost took my life and that was the last day he left my house by the police. What happened that very day was that, he came from work asked me if I had cook and I said no because he doesn’t give me money to cook for him and I am not going to use my money to cook. Because of that we got into arguments and I said something he doesn’t like so he then got violent towards me.

He physically beats be till I became very weak, I had no energy to fight him, he used his strength on me, head butted me, kicked me, box, punched, pushed me left and right on the ground and on the wall, break so many things in the flat such at my tv and other furniture’s. I had no power to fight him, I was crying and screaming like no body business until the police came to my rescue. I think the neighbours must have heard the continuous struggle, screaming and noise coming from my apartment so they called the police. Because of his deadly beating I was blind for one week on my left eye and I was swollen everywhere on my body including my eyes.

He was then arrested and taking to the police cell, this time I press charged and wanted for him to get tougher punishment for his behaviour towards me. He was bailed after a week of him spent in the cell and was given injunction not to come close to my address or communicate with me. He was escorted by the police for him to come and collect his belongs from my property because at this point I am tired and I told the police I don’t want the relationship anymore. With his bail conditions he was not allowed to travel outside the UK till the court case which he break.

He knew what he was doing to me and he had his plan for his future and that he was only in the relationship for his gain. He was given two years from the home office of his spouse application so he was working and doing things freely.

After his injunction from my address, he started calling me and my family to apologise of his behaviour towards me and that he is sorry so we should take the case out of court and settles it as families. I told my dad for me to take the case out of court he needs to pay for some of the damaged he caused in my flat and reimburse some of the money that I spent for his application to the home office. He insisted I should take the case out of court first, this time I refused and I said to him is he not getting his way this time. Because he is so used to manipulating me and get his way each time he wronged me, he thought I will listened to him.

By this time the police, victim support, women’s aid and other domestic violence organisations as well as charities for women had already involved in the matter and was fighting my case and providing me with emotional support.

What he also did during his last time with me in the relationship is that he bought a ticket to travel to Sierra Leone, the ticket came to my house address and I informed the relevant authorises that was dealing with my case about his travel to Africa who then informed the police that he was not allowed to travel outside the UK since he was on a bail condition. On the day of his travel to Sierra Leone, coincidentally, my dad was also travelling to Freetown and I happened to escort him at the airport. I did not see my ex at the airport thinking he will not travel because he told my dad he is not travelling to Africa not knowing he tried to travel but unfortunately for him he was arrested by the police at the airport.

My dad noticed and saw the commotion when they were arresting him but because my dad never liked or approved of our relationship, he had only met him few times so he did not recognised him at the airport.

Now, brace your seats and prepare for the painful part of the story. After he was arrested by the police at the airport, he was then taken to a nearby cell, I received a telephone call in the morning by the police saying Mr Sesay (that was his surname) had been arrested and he is in a police custody. My dad arrived in Sierra Leone but could not crossed over to the city (Freetown), in the morning I contacted him and told him about the information from the police. What my dad told me next shocked me and could have killed me if I was not strong mentally.

During his (my dad) arrival to Sierra Leone, he said he noticed a lady was crying and displaying like a mad person at the airport wondering what had happened to her, so he then learned later that her husband from the UK had been arrested by the UK police. He started to think, could it be the same person that was arrested at the airport so he was feeling sorry for the lady in the ferry all throughout the night until I made the call in the morning. So my dad asked the lady if her husband name is my so-called fake husband in the UK and she replied yes (wow are you following the story).

Now everything changed at the ferry when my dad started asking the lady further questions about her husband and their relationship where she also mentioned that they have been married for long time, he send money to her and that they have kids. This man did not ever mentioned to me he was married or have kids with another woman. My dad was so upset about what the lady was telling him and I was also upset and crying and was very angry to learned about his relationship in Africa. I even wanted to send people back home to go and beat up the woman but I guessed it was not her that offended me.

Upon all this, I still went ahead with the court case, he was then bailed again at the police custody but this time he was placed on a tag on his ankle, they gave him curfew order and reminds him of his injunction not to come close to my address for seven months until we went to court. The court case arrived, I had gathered my evidence and the police had already done series of tests on me to use as an evidence in the court.

O my God, this man can lie, he lied his way throughout the process when he was given his statement at the court and when the judge was asking him questions. You can tell the dishonest and evilness on his body language but because I was so innocence and honest even though I was crying when I was given my statement he lost the case and he was found guilty of the violence towards me. He was charged for GBH (Grievous bodily harm) and his punishment was not something I was happy with. He was given 12 months community sentence order, the court asked him to pay compensation for the damaged he caused in my flat and not to cross my address which most of it he did not follow through.

Since then, I stayed away from him and did not want to see him, redrew my affiliation on his application at the home office as a spouse, divorced him and contact all organisations and companies where we had joint names and asked them to take my name off as a partnership. During this period I was going through counselling from one organisations to another for over two years trying to develop my confidence, self-esteem and how to cope and spot out signs of bad relationships. I also went on various women training and support groups in order to build my confidence.

Till date I have only seen him few times and he tried to contact me on Facebook which I ignored. I hates him so much and I don’t want anything to do with him in my life even if he is the only man on this planet, I would rather turned lesbian because the damaged he has caused in my life I will never forget. Because of his abuse, I spent longer period at university and my progress was slowed, I think about his action towards me and sometimes I am afraid of my relationships with men whereby I don’t trust them.

Even though I am much better of dealing with men and spot signs of bad relationships, I pray I never come across someone like him again. I have also build my relationship with my dad since then and apologised. I still don’t know how he got my contact details, where he saw my picture and what information they must have told him about me for him to contact me. I have had rumours of how he got my number and I also believed the source of the person that was mentioned of how he got my number but I don’t have concrete evidence to approach this person.

This is my DV story and hope you were able to follow what I have been saying and thank you for taking the time of reading it.

If anyone needs name and contact of organisations that supported me during my ordeal let me know and I will pass on the information.